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Eco Duo Slouchy Hat
As Seen in on Ravelry
Other Projects using Alpaca Lace
Other sites using Cascade 220® Sport

Alpaca Lace Froth Mobius

Cascade 220® Sport
Eden Shawl by Amanda Lilley
Other Websites with
Patterns Using 220® Superwash

Interweave Crochet Winter 2011
220 Superwash® Amaryllis Tunic
220 Superwash® Ballerina Cardigan
Design by Lorraine Hearn at
220 Superwash®
Blake's Baby Blanket
By Kay Mather at Rare Purls

220 Superwash® Chachula Cardi
Interweave Crochet Fall 2012

220 Superwash®
Cotton Candy Pullover at Vogue Knitting
220 Superwash®
Fair Isle Hat
By Cheryl Beckerich on

Knit Simple Winter 2011
220 Superwash® Triangle Sampler Afghan
Designed by Karen Baumer

220 Superwash®
By Rachel Erin on
220 Superwash®
Folk Art Squirrel Slippers

Seen in Knitting Scandanavian
Slippers and Socks
Other Websites Using Ecological Wool®
Aspley Collection

My PDF Patterns
By Lorraine Hearn
Eco +
Paddington Duffle Coat
Photo by Carmel Zucker
Interweave Knits
Weekend 2011
Eco +
Exothermic Vest

Rainey Sisters
Photo by
Jared Flood
Hemlock Blanket
in Eco Wool
Ecolobical Wool®
Common Ground
by Elizabeth Smith
Knitscene Winter 2011
Nora Dress
by Alexis Winslow
Ecological Wool®
Ecological Wool®
Melissa Wehrle
Tunic Folk in
Ecological Wool®
Les Tricots
De Cecile
Other Site Using Ultra Pima

Ultra Pima
Bell Sisters Design
Shop on Ravelry

Ultra Pima
Hexagon Petal Tee
Interweave Knits Spring 2011

Ultra Pima
Little Sister Hats

Ultra Pima
Miley Tee by Cheri Christian

Ultra Pima
Orlando Vest
Interweave Crochet Spring 2011

Ultra Pima
White Lies Design

Other Sites Using Heritage

Heritage Quatro
Hourglass Lace Sox

InterweaveKnits Summer 2011
Other Websites Using Magnum


Magnum One scarf
Knit Circus

Laura Irwin

Movie Night Blanket

Discontinued Yarn Patterns
That work well with Cascade 220®

Cascade 220® W142

Cascade 220® A109

Cascade 220® A105

Cascade 220® A102
Other Websites with
Patterns Using Cascade 220®

Cascade 220® 221b Hat
As Seen on

Cascade 220® Jubilee Jacket
As Seen in Knitter's 108

Cascade 220® Fast Fab
Interweave Crochet Fall 2012

Cascade 220® Racing Stripes
Ear Flap Hat
Creative Knitting September 2012

Scandanavian Snow Winter

Cascade 220®
Easy Ruffled Cardigan
Jurisfiction using Cascade 220

Cascade 220® Yule Trees
Interweave Knit Gifts 2011

Cascade 220® Heathers PaperBoy Cardigan
Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010/11

Cascade 220® Flo the Elephant
by Franklin Habit

Cascade 220® and 220® Heathers

The New Essentials using Cascade 220®
Knit Simple Fall 2010
Cascade 220® Heathers
Supah Slouch Hat
Other Website Using Lana D'Oro

Alpaca Lana D'Oro Jasmine
by Cheri Christian

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Ecological Wool®
Aspley Collection E-Book
My PDF Patterns By Lorraine Hearn

Magnum Chunky Mittens
As Seen in Creative Knitting

220 Suerwash®
Hussars Spencer

As Seen in Jane Austin Knits
Fall 2012

Cascade 220® Stripey Sweater
By Shweta Shankar Khatri

Venezia Worsted Milano
By Faina Goberstein

Venezia Sport Flagstone
By Connie Chang Chinchio
Twist Collective

Magnum Kimono
from Knit 1 LA

Magnum Oregon Vest
by Annie Dempsey

Eco +
Mini Marguerite Cardigan

220 Superwash®
Michigan Waves Hat

Cascade 220® Heathers
Ananda Yoga Mat

Ultra Pima
Mary Anne Chemo Hat

Cascade 220® Sport
Eden Shawl by Amanda Lilley

Lana D'Oro Lexi

Crossroads and Country Lanes Scarf

Lana Grande
Ess-Capade Scarves
Dawn Brocco Designs

Cranberry Hat Design
by Sheila Joynes

I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Fair Isle
By Leisure Arts

Cascade 220® Monkey Hats

Ultra Pima Bow Tie Cloche
Bell Sisters Design
Shop on Ravelry

Cascade 220® Heathers
Dandoh Cabled Poncho

Eco Cloud
Chaleur Pullover by Julie Hoover

Lana D'Oro
Cable T by Cheryl Beckerich

Venezia Worsted
City Cables by Chris Bylsma

Ultra Pima
Missoni Inspired Hat / Chemo Cap

Cascade 220® Sport
After the Rain Mittens by Mary O'Shea

Cascade 220® Heathers
Hooter Owl
By Nicky Epstien

Cotton Rich DK
In the Loop Scarf

Dawn Brocco

Not Quite Joan Crawford
Fitted Cardigan

Cascade 128
Irish Chain Afghan

Pastaza Andean Hats
Lisa Ellis designs

Cascade 220®
Blue Flower Knits

Ultra Pima Modular Squares
By Melissa Leapman

Knitting Universe K104

Ecological® Wool
Common Ground
by Elizabeth Smith
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